Owning a pet is more than just puppy love – it’s a pricey commitment! It is estimated that Americans will spend almost $63 billion dollars on their pets this year. In the first year alone you can spend anywhere from $1,300 – $1,800 on your pet. So how can you have your kibble and eat it too? National “Love your Pet Day” is February 20th and it has us thinking about our furry friends.

Financial advisor Mike Williams talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about how you can save so money when it comes to your furry friends!

  • Look into Mixed Breeds – Do your research. A lot of purebreds have known health risks and tend to be more expensive. Stop by your local animal rescue or shelter to find your furry friend.
  • Regular Check Ups – Just like you would go to the doctor for a check up, you need to do the same with your pet.
  • Pet Insurance – Emergency vet bills are the most unexpected expense when it comes to owning a pet.

See if you are financially ready with a pet cost calculator!