On Earth Day, we all try to do our part to save the environment. Going Green can help save you some green. Financial professional Brad Allen talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about what you can do to save the world and your wallet.


  • Reduce Energy Usage – One of the biggest drains on your electric bill is Phantom Energy, when something is plugged in but you’re not using it. Phantom Energy makes up about 10% of your electric bill and can cost you anywhere from $10-$30 a month. Save on your electric bill by unplugging these items when you’re done using them.
  • Reduce Paper Waste – If you are still getting paper bills in the mail and sending back checks, consider switching to online statements and payments. By switching to paying your bills online you will save on postage as well as cut down on your paper waste.
  • Reduce Car Emissions – Carpooling either for work or to get your kids around is a great and easy way to cut down on your car emissions. But only 10% of Americans carpool! You won’t be going through as much gas, and it will slow down the wear and tear on your car, saving you money on general maintenance costs.


  • Reuse Items – There are many stores that will give you discounts for reusing items. Coffee shops, like Starbucks, give you a 10 cent discount for using a reusable tumbler or coffee cup. Major retailers like Target and Whole Foods give you a 5-10 cent discount for using reusable bags.
  • Reuse Rain – 30% of a household’s water use is outdoors on your lawn and garden. Investing in a rain barrel is an easy way to use a natural resource. You can use the collected rainwater outside on your plants and grass.


  • Cans and Bottles – In certain states, you can recycle cans and plastic to get a little extra cash.
  • Clothes – You can recycle clothes you don’t wear by selling them and giving someone else the opportunity to wear them.
  • Old Phones – Trade in an old phone at your wireless provider. Many will recycle it for you, or some even give you a discount on the new phone you are purchasing.


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