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21Feb 2017

Weekly Update – February 21, 2017 Another week, another round of record highs. Despite concerns about how France’s upcoming presidential election could affect the European Union’s stability, U.S. stocks ended the week up yet again. The S&P 500 gained 1.51%, the Dow added 1.75%, and the NASDAQ increased 1.82%—growth that represents record highs for all […]

15Feb 2017

Owning a pet is more than just puppy love – it’s a pricey commitment! It is estimated that Americans will spend almost $63 billion dollars on their pets this year. In the first year alone you can spend anywhere from $1,300 – $1,800 on your pet. So how can you have your kibble and eat […]

13Feb 2017

Weekly Update – February 13, 2017 The political world has presented many topics of conversation lately. But one discussion has been relatively quiet: tax reform. Last week, however, the president announced that a “phenomenal” tax plan is forthcoming, and domestic markets responded by reaching record highs. In fact, we saw positive market performance even before […]

07Feb 2017

Gone are the days of cheap flowers and a box of chocolates. Valentine’s Day spending is hitting a new record! Financial advisor Nick Foulks visits with Milwaukee’s FOX-6 to share some simple ideas to show our loved ones how much we care without breaking the bank. Make Dinner (save $75-$100) – Mix things up this […]

07Feb 2017

Good credit is the new sexy! One of the latest trends in dating is all about your credit score. That three digit number is becoming more and more valuable. In fact, nearly 40% of singles want to know a potential mate’s credit score before heading out on a date! Financial professional Brad Allen talks with […]

06Feb 2017

Weekly Update – February 6, 2017 Political headlines continued to fill the news last week, and while domestic markets declined during mid-week trading, they rebounded on Friday, February 3. Overall, the week showed only modest movement, as the S&P 500 added 0.12%, the NASDAQ was up 0.11% to end at a record high, and the […]

01Feb 2017

Ever feel like you’re living in your own version of the movie “Groundhog Day” — stuck in a financial rut and making the same money mistakes over and over again? Breaking free from the cycle is as easy as fixing a few common mistakes. Financial professional Brad Allen talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about the money blunders you should avoid and […]

31Jan 2017

Bad with money and making lousy financial choices? Researchers say our money beliefs are usually established in childhood. However, don’t blame everything on your mom and dad. It may not be your upbringing driving your financial habits. Instead, it could be your personality! Financial advisor Nick Foulks joins FOX6 Real Milwaukee to talk about how […]

30Jan 2017

Tax day on April 18th is right around the corner! As you gather tax documents and complete your return, we want to provide a reminder of common filing errors to look out for. Whether you hire a professional or go it alone, avoiding these mistakes can help ensure your taxes are correct and prevent unnecessary delay […]

30Jan 2017

Weekly Update – January 30, 2017 After a brief pause during inauguration week, stocks continued to climb last week. The S&P 500 added 1.03%, the NASDAQ was up 1.90%, and the MSCI EAFE increased by 1.29%. The Dow also grew, adding 1.34%, ending the week above while hitting 20,000 for the first time ever. Consumer […]

24Jan 2017

Weekly Market Update: January 23, 2017 A new presidential era began with Donald Trump’s inauguration, and the market reaction was far more restrained than its response to his election. For weeks after the presidential election, we saw markets defy expectations and post significant gains. In fact, the Dow grew by over 1,500 points between November […]

18Jan 2017

Why wait? Tax season begins on January 23rd. Even though it might seem like we have plenty of time to file, there are good reasons to get your taxes done before the last minute. Financial professional Brad Allen talks with Milwaukee’s WTM-4 to give us the details. Why File Taxes Early? Get Your Money Back […]