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Americans went on a spending spree in 2017, racking up the most credit card debt since before the Great Recession. For the first time in history, we now owe more than $1 trillion on our credit cards! Financial advisor Brad Allen talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 to discuss 4 tips for paying off debt:   1. […]

Enjoying a comfortable retirement depends on how well you prepared ahead of time to support your desired lifestyle, and how well you keep a pulse on your financial well-being after you retire. You may need to check periodically to ensure you can continue to afford retirement and health-care needs, no matter how much planning you […]

Dinner and a movie is so old school. This year, treat your Valentine to a money date! It may not sound romantic, but spending an evening talking finances might be the secret to staying together; money problems are one of the leading causes of divorce! Setting financial goals will help you both know where you […]

From childcare to college to cellphone bills — parents pay a steep price for their kids. And with Mother’s Day approaching, what better time to break down the price of a parent’s love? Financial advisor, Nick Foulks, joins Real Milwaukee on FOX-6 with some advice on cutting down some of the biggest costs related to […]

Managing your money can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Financial professional Nick Foulks talked with WTMJ about staying on top of your bills and ways to save thousands each year. 1. Change your attitude 2. Track your spending 3. Live by a budget 4. Commit to saving money 5. Plan for the […]

It doesn’t hurt to ask; a little haggling could add up to big savings. Financial professional, Nick Foulks, talks with Milwaukee’s FOX-6 about 5 bills you may not know you should negotiate: 1. Dry Cleaning 2. Credit Cards 3. Furniture 4. Phone, Internet & Cable 5. Medical Bills Click here to calculate how much you […]

Tony Drake, CFP® talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about how 20-somethings can spend wisely and save money. Watch the video below! Forgetting to establish a credit history. Click here to find your free credit report. Taking out too many high interest credit cards Going for a graduate degree. Click here to read more about how to […]

Parents need to discuss family finances with their adult children. Financial professional Nick Foulks talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about how to start that conversation and what topics should be covered: 1. Legal 2. Healthcare 3. Income & Expenses 4. Financial Records Click here for a checklist of important financial information that you should make sure […]

Most of us know we’re supposed to negotiate when it comes to buying a house or a car, but how about at the dry cleaner? Or when we’re on the phone with our cell phone or cable TV providers? Hesitate no longer. The haggling may be worth the money saved. The mind-set that no price […]

Wondering how you can afford a vacation? According to a new study, many Americans are willing to delay or skip paying monthly bills, even their mortgage or rent, to take the vacation of their dreams instead of the one they can afford. Certified Financial Planner, Tony Drake estimates what a trip might cost below. Click […]