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Every kid wants to sport the latest supplies while walking the halls in style. School supplies aren’t cheap! The back-to-school shopping season is second only to the winter holidays. Financial advisor Brad Allen talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about how to save when shopping for back to school: 1. Set a Budget – Start with a […]

Mid-year is a great time to look over your finances. Staying on track can be tough. Financial professional Brad Allen talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 on about how to get your finances in order. He has five tips to get you ahead of the financial game before the end of the year! 1. Look at Your […]

The average cost of prom is inching closer to $1,000! With parents footing most of the bill, prom night is the perfect opportunity to teach teens money lessons. Financial advisor Nick Foulks stops by Milwaukee’s FOX-6 to share tips for Mom and Dad to prepare their teen for a lifetime of responsible financial decisions. Set […]

Spring only comes once a year, but a deep cleaning can help your home stay organized and uncluttered all year round. The same can be said for your finances! Financial advisor Mike Williams talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about 5 tips to spring clean your financial household: 1. Inspect Your Budget 2. Rake in Retirement Contributions […]

Owning a pet is more than just puppy love – it’s a pricey commitment! It is estimated that Americans will spend almost $63 billion dollars on their pets this year. In the first year alone you can spend anywhere from $1,300 – $1,800 on your pet. So how can you have your kibble and eat […]

Gone are the days of cheap flowers and a box of chocolates. Valentine’s Day spending is hitting a new record! Financial advisor Nick Foulks visits with Milwaukee’s FOX-6 to share some simple ideas to show our loved ones how much we care without breaking the bank. Make Dinner (save $75-$100) – Mix things up this […]

The end of the year is just around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to reduce your tax bill or boost your refund! Financial professional Brad Allen talks with CBOE’s Business First about taking advantage of every deduction you can before December 31st. Year-End Tax Moves to Save in 2017: 1. Donate to […]

Charitable giving is at an all-time high! Americans gave $373 billion dollars to charities in 2015. Financial advisor Mike Williams talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 NBC about 5 ways you can give back on a budget: 5 Tips for Giving Back on a Budget 1. Crunch the Numbers 2. Start Small 3. Do Some Winter Cleaning […]

We know dogs are man’s best friend but could they be your wallet’s best friend too? Besides adorable, pets can be pricey – average dog owners spend $8000 over the animal’s lifetime. But have you ever considered how pets can save you money? Financial advisor Nick Foulks talked with Milwaukee’s FOX-6 about 5 ways owning […]

Seems like holiday displays creep up earlier and earlier every year. Forget about waiting until after Thanksgiving – wreaths, stockings and ornaments are sharing the shelves with Halloween displays in stores across the country! Financial professional Brad Allen talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about how to make the most of holiday shopping before Halloween: 1. Make […]