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If you’re not careful, how you deal with your dollars could determine whether you get divorced. Drake & Associates financial professional, Luke Eskau, joins FOX6 Real Milwaukee with tips for managing money in a marriage. Start Talking Start the conversation by laying out your individual financial situation and listening to where your partner is at. […]

Good credit is the new sexy! One of the latest trends in dating is all about your credit score. That three digit number is becoming more and more valuable. In fact, nearly 40% of singles want to know a potential mate’s credit score before heading out on a date! Financial professional Brad Allen talks with […]

Don’t let money cause problems in your relationship! It may not seem romantic, but avoiding it could cost you – money issues is one of the leading causes of divorce! Financial professional, Nick Foulks, talks with Milwaukee’s FOX 6 about the 5 secrets of a financially happy relationship. 1. Find Compromise 2. Pool Your Money […]

Divorce can be one of the most difficult and stressful times in a person’s life, and it’s easy to make major money mistakes. Nick Foulks talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about how couples can avoid the biggest financial “gotchas” involved in a break up and how to make sure their assets get divided equally. Take a […]

More than one-third of couples are starting married life on the wrong financial foot by racking up debt to pay for their big day. The average wedding now tops $31,000. That’s more than half of what most people make in a year! Tony Drake, CFP® talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 with tips for happy couples on their […]