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We used to think of retirement as a three-legged stool. You could rely on a pension, Social Security and your own retirement savings. Now that employer-sponsored pensions are becoming a thing of the past, that stool is looking a little wobbly. There are strategies we can use to create our own pension in retirement. Annuities […]

Is your retirement on the horizon? Financial advisor Brad Allen talks with WTMJ about the smart money moves you should make in the five to ten years before you reach retirement.   Take Inventory The first step in creating a retirement plan is to figure out what you have. A recent survey shows baby boomers […]

There’s a lot of confusion about Social Security. In a recent survey, about a quarter of Baby Boomers said their Social Security benefits were lower than they expected. We’ll answer some of your questions about how Social Security works and how to get the most out of it. Financial advisor Brad Allen joins WTMJ with […]