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As the dust settles on a historic election, many are trying to predict what the next four years will bring and what President-elect Donald Trump’s first term will mean for our wallets. In the video below, Mike Williams talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about 5 changes you’ll likely see in your own finances during the next four […]

Ever wonder where your extra cash is going? Financial professional Nick Foulks talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about scary money mistakes many of us are making. 1. Credit Card Payments 2. Energy Errors 3. Social Security Mistakes 4. Unused Gift Cards 5. ATM Fees Click here for an online interest rate calculator. Put your extra cash […]

There’s a disconnect when it comes to couples and their finances! Even though the majority of couples think they’re doing a good job of communicating, many don’t know the basics of their finances. Certified Financial Planner, Tony Drake talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about the topics all couples should discuss. Click here for a retirement calculator […]

The government’s largest benefits program just turned 80. Most Americans don’t know the basics when it comes to Social Security. The majority of people failed a recent quiz on the topic. And what they don’t know, could cost them. Certified Financial Planner, Tony Drake, talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ in the video below about areas where […]

Whether you’re in your 20s or your 70s, it’s important to plan for your financial future. In the video below, Certified Financial Planner, Tony Drake, talks to Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about what to consider at every age bracket. In your 20s: Start saving – Click here for our Debt Worksheet In your 30s: Child proof your […]

Have you been thinking about retirement, but have questions about Social Security? Should you take it early? Should you take it late? What if the question isn’t that simple? In fact, there are hundreds of ways to take Social Security and literally thousands of dollars sway in the balance of that decision. The good news […]

Financial literacy lessons doesn’t sound like fun but only 2 out of 10 older adults got a passing grade when quizzed on basic financial topics. But, it’s never too late to go back to school for your finances and Tony Drake talks with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4 about the things we can start doing right away. Watch […]